This was my fifth grade daughter’s writing assignment for today (courtesy of Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool-5th grade)

  1. Write a short story using at least three of the vocabulary (bold) words from day 31 or day 33. Get a high five and/or hug if you use five or more.

I’m not sure what prompted her to write about this (I thought for sure she would have written about cats…again) but she sure is paying attention to the world around her.  Bless her young conservative mind.  She makes me so proud!  Not to mention, her grammar was exceptional and use of vocab words was on point!  But I’m partial.  She IS my daughter after all.  By the way, instructions say to get a high five or a hug if you use five or more vocabulary words.  She got both and a tasty treat!0920171137-1-1

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