Last Monday I was asked to plan a Christmas party for my church.  It was to be held on the Friday of that week.  So the first thing I did of course, was to pray for God’s leading and help.  Then I immediately contacted our church members through text and created an event through facebook (social media, a wonderful thing…lol).

I’ve already been picturing in my mind how I wanted things to be set up in our church….buffet table in the hallway, the kitchen would have chairs set up against the walls, no tables, (I would need the floor space for games), and kitchen counter for gifts…men’s gifts on one side, ladies gifts on the other.

Now for planning the games–the obvious…Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.  Another game I simply found on Google…Rudolph Red Nose Game.  And of course the gift exchange game.

Games are all set, now for the food.  Sam’s Club has great party trays, so I ordered two sandwich platters, cheese and fruit tray, veggie and dip tray, deli meat and mozzarella tray, and for dessert–chocolate cupcakes and a big platter of assorted cookies.  For beverages I just set out bottled waters and bought ingredients for a sparkling punch.

Last thing on the planning list was to go to Party City for plates, utensils, and table decorations.  My church already had plenty of supplies and decor to use for the party.

Finally, here are pics of the event.  It was a good turnout and everyone had a great time.  Praise the Lord!!


Our Pastor…always the first at the buffet!



My husband’s attempt at making his “Ugly Sweater”. He didn’t win…LOL!


Meeting and greeting upon arrival…


My girls made their “ugly sweaters” themselves. Aren’t they adorbs??



I found this free printable here.  The “men’s” and “ladies” signs I made myself using index cards.


First game of the night–Red Nose Reindeer…lol!!!


Here’s some videos of our gift exchange 🙂



Ugly Sweater winner!


Hope you enjoyed this post.  Merry Christmas and God bless!




2 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Party

  1. Good job!!! Planning a Christmas party is hard! Yours looks awesome! It’s so fun to celebrate with the people you go to church with! Church families are awesome!


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