I love preparing events and banquets for my church.  Usually, my husband and I are in charge of food and games, but I was voluntold to plan the whole thing.  Here are some photos of my decorative ideas.  I wished I had more time to really add more detail, but overall I’m happy with the results and everyone had a good time and the catered food was delicious!

The centerpiece was a silk rose with the stem wrapped in thick red ribbon, placed it in a vase, surrounded the vase with black tulle, and sprinkled rose petals around. Pretty basic but sweet and romantic.


I used full sheet photo printer paper to create the menu. My go-to template maker is canva.com


Table Settin
Just your basic paper plates and cups, and plastic bowls and utensils. I also made a Valentine’s card for each guest with a chocolate candy placed on top.


Sweethearts Frame
Here’s a photo of my husband and me.  I bought a picture frame from Walmart, only $4.99. As you can see I used only the black frame and attached the decorations with simple scotch tape.

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