Hey there!  I was so excited when our new books from Easy Peasy, and a few from Genesis Curriculum, arrived.  Easy Peasy is an online Christian curriculum and is totally free with option to purchase readers and workbooks.  You can take a look at the store here.  (I do NOT earn a commission from any links in this blog post.  I just love this curriculum so much!!  It truly is an answer to prayer…Praise the Lord!!)


With that said, I’d like to share how I put a homeschool planner together for my three kids.  It’s very simple and free!  I printed out all the necessary pages from the Easy Peasy online homeschool curriculum.  You may go here to check out the free printables!

I like to use a basic 1″ binder as a planner.  This one has a clear pocket on the front, convenient for inserting a “school picture”.  On the spine of the binder I simply write my daughter’s name, grade level, and school year.  Inside are dividers for each subject to place their work.



My youngest daughter is 3.5 years old and her binder is a simple setup.

Scope and sequence for Getting Ready 1–preschool level (recommended age to start using this curriculum is four years old.)  I took ideas from both Easy Peasy and Genesis Curriculum and added a few more lesson descriptions, then created this printable scope and sequence.  
preschool checklist
Daily checklist for Getting Ready 1


Here is the order of how I place the printables inside my two older daughters’ binders:

grades collage
Course description for level 3 and level 6
Course description for Program Year 1–My 6th grader will do middle school level and my 3rd grader will do elemetary level.
checklist collage
Daily checklist for 180 days (I write the date in each box when lessons are finished.)
gradesheet collage
Grading sheets
program collage
Daily lesson plans for each subject in Program Year One L (elementary) and Year One M (middle)


em bible
Daily bible lessons
em history
Daily history lessons
science collage
Daily science lessons, page 1 and page 2
em music
Weekly music lessons
em art
Weekly art lessons
math collage
Daily math lessons for level 6
Daily math lessons for level 3
em spanish
Foreign language daily lessons for level 6
english collage
Reading and English daily lessons for level 3 


Here are scope and sequence printables for P.E./Health, Thinking, and Computer.  If you like, you may create a scope & sequence/lesson plan and submit to Lee Giles, creator of Easy Peasy and Genesis Curriculum, at allinonehomeschool@gmail.com.  For FAQs go here.  Also, there are many facebook support groups for those who use, or are planning on using this free curriculum.  Click here if you would like to join one or more of Easy Peasy’s facebook groups.

Hope this helps.  Happy homeschooling and God bless!!











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