Hello there!  I hope you are finding some helpful tips from my posts.  (You can go here to see how I put together a free lesson planner.)

Well, I guess I wasn’t the only one starting my kids homeschooling this week.  I’ve seen so many adorable “back to school” pics on several facebook pages, many of them using the Easy Peasy curriculum.

Moving right along, I would like to start this year using my blog to post weekly highlights.  Here are some pics and a video of my girls enjoying their assignments.

Happy homeschooling and God bless!

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school closet
Our humble school closet 🙂
First day of school, August 6, 2018
My 3rd grader’s science project, day 4 — Instructions:  Get big paper, or tape together white paper. Put all the tape on the back. You need one piece of paper big enough for you to lie down on. Have someone trace your body onto the paper.
The finished outlined body…ready to have muscles and bones added in.   🙂
I have no clue why her hip is bulging….LOL!


My youngest learning the letter “Aa” using the preschool level from Easy Peasy — day 3.




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