Hello there!  My daughter really enjoyed this book.  It was an assigned reading from the Easy Peasy curriculum.

Thanks for reading and God bless!


By Booth Tarkington

Penrod Schofield is a trouble-making boy who turns twelve.  He is known as “The Worst Boy in Town” because he doesn’t like being called a “Little Gentleman”, and he thinks about things in school and gets yelled at by the teacher.  He’s stubborn, funny, and unpredictable.  When Prenrod says something, or makes a decision I agree with that statement or decision.  The author, Booth Tarkington, really knows how eleven and twelve year olds feel, and what they like.  It surprised me.  I thought the book was going to be boring, but the happenings in the chapters are amusing! Of course there’s the Popular Girl steryotype.  Her name is Marjorie Jones and she has deep ambur hair, and is “The Prettiest Girl in the School”.  She secretly likes Penrod, but doesn’t say it because he’s “The Worst Boy in Town”.  There’s Georgie Basset who’s “The Best Boy in Town” and Maurice Levy who likes Marjorie Jones, except it’s not a secret with him.  Penrod acts weird and angered in the book and doesn’t want to tell his parents why.  He only tell his friend Sam Williams, and new neighbors, Herman and Verman (yes, one of their names is actually Verman), why.  You’ll have to read the book yourself if you want to know why Penrod gets angry and acts weird!

In the first chapter the school was going to have a pageant, a play about King Aurther’s Table-Round is what is was called.  Penrod was playing the part of Lancelot.  His sister Margaret, and his mother, Mrs. Schofield, dress him up as a Midevil prince.  Apparently Penrod didn’t like the outfit.  When he went to rehearse the play, some bully asked him what he was wearing under his coat, and Penrod said: “Oh, nuthin’” (that’s how they talk in the book).  Then that bully started yelling that Penrod wasn’t wearing any clothes!  Before the pageant started, Penrod snuck into the Janitor’s Room and found some of the Janitor’s denim overalls.  When the play started and all the kids took off their coats, a gasp went through the crowd.   Penrod was wearing the Janitor’s overalls instead of his costume!  When the play was over Penrod got a whooping from his dad.

Another example was when Penrod was thinking in class, the teacher called him a thousand times.  Penrod didn’t answer because he was thinking about what he would do if his uncle started drinking alcohol.  After class the teacher took him to her office and asked him why he didn’t answer her.  He said he was thinking and the teacher asked what he was thinking about.  He said that he was thinking about his uncle drinking alcohol and his aunt crying, and he was staying up all night trying to comfort her.  When the teacher heard this she thought that was actually happening and not just a thought, she “kissed” Penrod!

One chapter, Penrod was getting a haircut and the barber asked him what he would do if someone called him a little gentleman.  Penrod said “Let ‘em try it!  They’ll be sorry!”  Actually, Penrod was jealous of Georgie Basset because everyone called him a Little Gentleman.  When Marjorie Jones called him that he covered her and EVERYONE else is TAR who “dared” to call him that, but the worst one was his sister’s boyfriend.  Margaret’s boyfriend was a smart man with an English accent.  He kept calling Penrod a Little Gentleman on accident becaue he’s so formal.  When he was about to leave, he asked Penrod to get his hat, and when he put his hat on….he couldn’t get it off!  Penrod covered it in tar!

Yeah, I thought it was going to be boring, but it was really good.  The book is so funny, and I like the ending.  The last chapter starts out in an explosion of confusion because a girl who’s eleven comes to Penrod’s twelfth birthday party.  The new girl is from New York, by the way.  She thinks that there should be champagne instead of lemonade, and she makes everyone do the TANGO!  That’s why it’s confusing because she’s eleven.  Then, at the end of the chapter, the way Marjorie Jones acted to Penrod was explained by the note given to him by her. It said: “You’re my beau.” That’s why I like the last chapter so much: because of the new girl who’s eleven, and the note Marjorie Jones gives Penrod.  I like the book, a lot, and you should read it if you’re as old as the character’s in the book.

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