April 22nd-May 4th, 2019

Hi there!  I am so excited, not because our school year is almost over, but because I get to start planning for next year!!  Insane, right?  LOL!

Anyway, here are some pics I chose from the past two weeks.  My 4-year-old is about to end her GR1 lessons from the Easy Peasy curriculum and will start sight reading with McGuffey Primer.

Along with their core subjects, my sixth and third graders have been learning about Leonardo da Vinci for history, plant biomes for science, and Renaissance music.

Co-op was fun!  My oldest daughter’s drama class performed their play, Mandie and Joe’s Christmas Surprise, for the younger co-op classes.  They did very well!

We also spent a few days helping to decorate our church for a 1950’s theme that will take place tomorrow, May 5th.

And finally, it’s that time of year when we start taking our boat out on the lake!

Thanks for reading and God bless!!










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